Metal Serpents in the Wide Expanse

The utter vastness of this landscape is humbling in the same way the seemingly infinite expanse of the ocean reminds us of our insignificance. The awesome power of God’s creation in every direction as far as my frail eyes can see and beyond…

The wide expanse...

Of course, man makes his mark. Yesterday, I saw the longest train I’ve ever seen – at least 200 cars pulled by four engines. Today, I counted one with 84 cars. These long whips wind through the vast landscapes like lazy metal serpents. I saw the people mover known as Amtrak this afternoon in New Mexico. It’s a small baby snake in comparison to its larger freight-moving siblings.

The metal serpent slithers toward the east.

Looking out across the mesas I began to see the outline of giant shapes. Surely, those in the distance looked like giant box cars…and I was reminded of the cloud game I would play as a child with my sisters on family vacations. Typically, we journeyed south to the beaches of Florida and my sisters and I would gaze up through the back window at the clouds to pass the time. Turtles and frogs and giants would float by…but never box cars.

Far from the beaches of Florida, the clouds here look like pieces of cotton candy waiting to be pulled from the sky.

We made it just inside Arizona by sunset and pulled into the welcome center and rest stop for the night. The whistle of one of the metal serpents can be heard in the distance as it slowly slides eastward.hoo

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