None of our Exes Live in Texas

None of Our Exes Live in Texas

But the state is big enough to hold EVERYBODY’S exes!  After 10 hours of driving this rig due west, we’re still on the east Texas map.  Rand-McNally devotes two whole pages to Texas in their 2012 road atlas. We’re hoping to make it through page two tomorrow.

We pulled into the Copper Breaks State Park in Quanah, Texas just before sunset. The camp site sits atop a mesa – and a nice breeze is blowing through the camper. The folks at the camp site next door are on their way home to Colorado from Stone Mountain, Georgia.  Such a small world in such a big state.

Copper Breaks State Park in Quanah, Texas

We began the day in another state park – Caddo Lake – just across the Texas-Louisiana line near Uncertain, Texas. We didn’t spot a single fire ant. Maybe they wait until October for the big Fire Ant Festival in Uncertain before they make an appearance. Wonder if they have a parade…or perhaps a contest for the biggest fire ant hill as part of the festivities?

Gittin' 'er done in Tyler, Texas.

I spotted my first Texas oil rig in Tyler. It was pumping away…strangely silent in its movement. I stood and watched it for a while as it was, weird enough, located behind a McDonald’s drive through. Take that you petro-dictators – America can serve up Texas tea while hawking Big Macs. Too bad we haven’t figured out how to run our vehicles on fat.

Took us an hour to get through Dallas

Driving through the Big D

due to an accident. We pushed on through downtown and stopped for lunch at an Indian (as in India) restaurant as we were leaving the city. My husband LOVES tiki masala and gulab jamun. I’m good with the former, but can’t stomach the later.  Unfortunately today, I wasn’t stomaching much of anything. I learned that there is an advantage in taking your bathroom with you while you drive! No more desperate search for a rest stop or a gas station with a clean restroom. Nothing like a loo on wheels.

Tomorrow – we press on to Winslow, Arizona – “such a fine sight to see.”

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2 Responses to None of our Exes Live in Texas

  1. Lisa says:

    Oh yes we have figured out how to run our vehicles on fat. One of the biggest crimes in the metro area is used oil at local fast food establishments. We even know how to run it off the garbage that we produce. We just need to implement it to the local law abiding citizen who wants to be a green consumer.

  2. Shannon says:

    All caught up on your posts!!! Glad to hear you havent tried to physically harm john yet. Ha. Looking forward to reading more adventures. All my love!!!

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