Southern Hospitality Isn’t Dead

But you do have to get outside metro-Atlanta to find it!

After two days in The Magnolia State, I am most struck by the natural beauty — particularly along the Natchez Trail outside Jackson — and how incredibly hospitable Mississippians are.

Yesterday, John and I meandered through the backwoods of the state in search of the Longino Baptist Church. We had to stop and ask a couple sitting on their front porch to point us in the right direction and they happily did so. We arrived at the small church just in time for Sunday services and were warmly welcomed.

The Longino Baptist Church in Longino, MS






The folks at Longino Baptist Church are gearing up for vacation bible school this summer and we wish them the best turn out ever!

We ventured on to Ridgeland, a suburb just north of Jackson, to visit with our friends Jill and Terry Winch. Deep in Dixie, Jill and Terry are “Yankees,” hailing from Illinois and Wisconsin, respectively. I’m sure even the hospitable Southerners in Madison County have never meet two finer, more gracious people. They greeted us with smiles and open arms and we surely enjoyed our visit with them.

Tonight finds us in Vicksburg and tomorrow we’ll cross the mighty Mississippi River into Louisiana.


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One Response to Southern Hospitality Isn’t Dead

  1. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the link to your blog Donna. I will be a regular voyeur here. Sounds like a great adventure.

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