M-I-Double S-I-Double S- I-Double P-I

Day One at Lake Okatibbee in Collinsville, Mississippi

Don’t let the serene surroundings fool you. Today was an eventful day! As with most days in life, Murphy’s Law applied. But you gotta hand it to Murphy, he is usually part of what makes the journey so interesting!

We left the Tin Can Gulch this morning and headed west only to come to a standstill about an hour west of Atlanta – our right trailer tire in shreds. No problem, we had purchased a spare, of course. But as Murphy would have it – the spare didn’t fit. John unhitched the trailer and stood guard over the motorcycle on I-20 while I went in search of a new tire and a new spare.

What did we do before Google Maps? It led me right to the Villa Rica Tire Company A big shout out to my new found buds there who fixed me right up and sent me on my way.

Unfortunately, we did miss our luncheon date with John Thomas Longino, III (who shares my husband’s name – plus the III—and profession) in Birmingham. We lost another hour right outside of B’ham due to an RV fire. Murphy was on steroids for these poor folks! But, the travelin’ Longinos did meet a nice man from New Orleans who was on his way back home as we sat waiting for the firemen to put the RV fire out and the police to allow traffic to go around what was left of the camper.

Fond memories flitted across my mind as we passed the exit for my alma mater in Tuscaloosa. Roll Tide!

At Meridian, Mississippi, we headed north to Lake Okatibbee, a beautiful lake built by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for flood damage control. We passed an interesting sign on the way into the campsite. It warned that you swim at your own risk as alligators are present.

No skinny dipping tonight!

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