Preparing to Hit the Road

I googled “travel blogs” and got 252,000,000 results.

That tells me the last thing the world needs is another blog about travel. So…this is officially NOT a travel blog. Rather, I like to think of it as a chronicle of my married life for the next eight weeks. The fact that I will be traveling is really only secondary to the primary question I’ve been contemplating…that being, can I spend seven of the next eight weeks on the road with John (my husband) in a 20×10 box resting in the bed of a six-wheeled truck without a. wishing him harm; b. actually harming him and/or c. doing both — repeatedly!

Such are my thoughts as we prepare to leave the foothills of the North Georgia mountains we call home (leaving our home in the care of our college-aged kids) to traverse the country to Sante Fe, New Mexico; then head north along the spine of the Rockies all the way up to Banff in Alberta, Canada. At least, that’s the goal.

In the past, we have been marvelous traveling companions. So, what makes this trip different? Length, accommodations and mode of travel. Think…a man, a woman, a big truck loaded down with a camper pulling a motorcycle trailer. Combine that rig with the need to use more than one map and you’ve got a relationship mishap just waiting to happen.

To ameloriate this potential, we have devised a strategy based on Star Trek. The intrepid Captain Kirk would separate the saucer from the main ship or dispatch the shuttle craft from the Enterprise at various times, depending upon the degree of danger. So too will the Longinos. The truck can be separated from the camper — giving me an escape pod — while the motorcycle enables my hubbie to fly solo when he feels the need for speed and space.

We are in that pre-travel stage known as preparation mode.  John has adopted his “git-er-done” face as we ready the RV for our escapade. I seek to be helpful which mainly involves making trail mix and staying out of his way. Oh yea, I went shopping earlier today and bought a few essentials for the trip. The camper section at Walmart — I recommend it if you’re wanting to be useful, but don’t really need to be  because your spouse is “gittin-er-done.”  Your spouse won’t mind if you drop a few needless bucks on camper paraphernelia  since it keeps you occupied and out of his way.

We did rummage through our backpacking gear together to accumulate the essentials we will need for an overnight hike or two somewhere between here and Canada and back again. And now, as I write this, we’re exchanging questions about clothing — how much and what — and bargaining for that all-important storage space.  Looks like being female does have its advantages when it comes to getting the most storage space for clothing. That and marrying a guy who doesn’t mind wearing the same pair of jeans for a week!





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5 Responses to Preparing to Hit the Road

  1. Shirley Horner says:

    Donna….Enjoyed your first entry partly because I appreciate who both of you are as travelers since the dragon tail. I’m looking forward to more entries.

  2. Heather says:

    And…you’re off! Wishing you big fun on your big adventure in your little camper. May the force be with you!
    PS – Welcome to blogging.

  3. NICOLLE LEWIS says:

    Soooo excited to hear about your trip. I look forward to following along while you LIVE THE DREAM! Have fun and be safe. Lots of love, nicolle

  4. Tyre Sperling says:

    So excited and happy for both you and John! Here’s to happy travels! Look forward to more entries

  5. murdie says:

    I’m digging the Kerouac reference…”On the road…”

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